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When you look for a new restaurant to visit, you probably check the reviews first. And people looking for a church do the same thing. In your reviews for our church, you can add photos, be specific about why you love being part of the church, and share why someone should come check it out. Here are some example reviews people have left for our church:


"I was wanting to attend a church but I was having a hard time connecting with one. I attended other churches that had huge congregations and I was intimidated so I never went back. I found Life Christian in the most unexpected way and at a time in my life when I truly needed God as well as guidance. Attending Life Christian gave me a purpose that I was searching for, for so long. Life Christian is small, intimate and welcoming. You are not just a member of the church you are an individual whom everyone knows and acknowledges you by your name. Pastor Shaw and his wife Noe are so loving and truly care for us. The members of the church are friendly and welcoming. The Sunday message is easy to understand. I dont consider myself just a member of Life Christian Church... I consider Life Christian Church my family."


"LIFE Christian Church is the perfect place to be. I have the kindest brothers and sisters in Christ that I am very blessed with. Pastor and his wife are awesome. They are always there for me when I need their help. I have been lost for such a long time and have been looking for a local church. I've been with mainland churches, but the connection was not there.  have been both online and in person. In person is the best because you can interact with everyone, but online is good as well and there is fellowship at the end of services. I am very blessed to be a part of a wonderful and loving church."

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